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#1 Powder Coating Stripper for Powder Coating Removal from Aluminum.

MILES #8612 Eco-friendly Stripping Solution


Powder Coating Removal Demonstration: YouTube Video.



Powder Coating Stripper Demonstration Video


  1. Non-HAP (No Hazardous Air Pollutants), Environmentally Friendly & Economical.
  2. Removes most coatings including Powder Coating by dissolving the cured paint film from substrate allowing easy, low pressure rinsing.
  3. Works well on carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, zinc and magnesium substrates.
  4. Strip Paint and strip Powder Coating at Room Temperature-Overnight or heat to 165F. for faster stripping in less than an hour.
  5. Recycle and Reclaim Paint Rework and Powder Coating rework to reach zero defects coating quality, in order to give your company a maximum advantage in today’s competitive economy.   


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    Complete line of Paint Stripping Solutions to Remove E-Coat, Powder Coating, Cured/Wet-Applied Coatings.



T   E   C   H   N   I   C   A   L        D   A   T   A


MILES#8612  ECO-POWDER STRIP-RTU is a ready to use (add no-water), eco-friendly: green, multi-metal safe paint strip solution formulated to dissolve cured coatings including: powder coating, (e-coating-only when heated) and wet-applied cured coatings from aluminum, zinc, magnesium, brass, stainless steel and steel substrates. Used in conjunction with #8635 Evaporation Inhibitor at 5% concentration.  

APPLICATION: MILES#8612  ECO-POWDER STRIP-RTU is a unique formula that is used as received with no water dilution, at temperatures of 165F to 185F. Immerse rework parts in an immersion strip tank with a lid, ventilation and a mixer, for 30 to 60 minutes. May be used at Room Temperature for TGIC Powder Coating Removal overnight. Utilize-polypropylene-evaporation inhibitor-floats to reduce evaporation and replenishment requirements. Rinse with warm water and reprocess through Paint. Use with MILES#8635 Evaporation Inhibitor at 5% concentration. Accelerate Powder Coating Removal with 5% adds of MILES #8605 as required to maintain pH between 11.5-12.5 

Order a 1-gallon or 5-gallon sample container at $34.85/gallon, plus-shipping, to test at your facility. Begin to reclaim coating rework and clean hooks today!

Note: MILES stripping solutions are ($29.99/gallon in 55-gallon drums)



Powder Coating Removal: Green Coating Removal Solutions  

Green Paint- Stripping Solutions: Multi-Metal Safe

T   E   C   H   N   I   C   A   L        D   A   T   A 


MILES #8641 is an eco-friendly: green, multi-metal safe concentrated paint stripping solution formulated to (use with up to 50% water) to de-laminatecured coatings including: powder coating, e-coating and wet-applied cured coatings from aluminum, zinc, magnesium, brass, stainless steel and steel substrates.  #8641 can be used to clean racks daily and recycle paint rework.


MILES #8641 Utilize an immersion tank with lid, polypropylene-evaporation inhibitor-floats, ventilation and a mixer. Charge and maintain (replenish solution-loss) with 50% conc. #8641 and 50% water. Heat to 185F., immerse parts for 30-60 minutes or until coating is completely delaminated. Pressure-rinse parts with water and dry for reprocess. Use 5% of #8644 by tank volume, as required to maintain pH below 4.0, to maintain optimum stripping performance.

Order a 1-gallon or 5-gallon sample container at $34.85/gallon, plus-shipping,  to test at your facility. Begin to reclaim coating rework and clean hooks today!

Note: MILES stripping solutions are ($29.99/gallon in 55-gallon drums)



Powder Coating Removal Solutions to Remove Powder Coating from Aluminum, Steel, Zinc, Brass, Magnesium & Most Plated Metal Substrates.

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Peelable Coatings, Peelable Masking/ Maskings: Temporary Protective Coatings, Easily Applied, Eco-Friendly Liquid Compounds, and Dry to form Temporary Protective Masking that becomes a Peelable/Strippable Barrier Coating. Unlimited Uses, Many Major Applications are listed below…

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