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"Miles Chemical Solutions"

A Company dedicated to providing Environmentally Friendly Paint Strippers/ Paint Removers for Paint Stripping Powder Coating and E-Coating Paint Removal, Aluminum Strippers, Galvanized Paint Strip Products & Steel Paint Removal.  

Miles Chemical Solutions founder, Samuel L. Miles, was the first individual in the United States to invent, formulate and patent methods to strip paint and remove paint coatings from aluminum, zinc, brass, copper, steel, galvanized and plated, metal substrates with a soap-based paint stripper, 99% free of VOC.

Miles New Paint Stripping Technology, Methods and Process:

Miles began developing and Patented, Environmentally Friendly Paint Remover Solutions in 1999, after working in the Paint Pre-Treatment Industry for over 20 years. The Paint Remover Products are low in VOC and low Temperature <205F. Miles developed "Proprietary Technologies and Methods" to salvage and recycle paint rework, avoiding the necessity of parts disposal. Miles Paint Strippers are formulated to strip paint, strip powder coatings and remove e-coating from most surfaces including: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Zinc, Steel and Plastics.

These Proprietary Paint Remover Products were engineered by Miles to provide the Paint, Powder Coating and E-coating Finishing Industry with Environmentally Friendly Paint Stripping: Removal Products and economically feasible methods to Recycle paint rework. Miles Technologies allow the Finishing Industry to reach "0-Tolerance" Paint Quality without having to reprocess sanded and paint-repaired parts that may have broken the substrate surface.  Sanding paint defects from parts may adversely affect the pretreatment, the substrate original surface quality and may even result in final paint quality failure. History has shown evidence of  inter-coat paint adhesion failure on sanded and refinished painted parts. 

Miles Paint Remover | Paint: Stripping Processes utilize an insulated, heated immersion tank with a lid, a mixer for agitation, a filter to remove paint laden sludge and exhausted ventilation. The paint rework parts are immersed in a solution of 50% Miles chemistries and 50% water added at the Finishers facility. The 50% water and Miles Paint Remover Products, are heated to a range of 130F-200F, depending on the substrate, the coating type and the Miles Paint Remover | Paint: Stripping Products utilized. The process time to completely strip the cured coating from the substrate is usually 10 minutes with E-coat Removal to less than an 1-hour paint stripping Paint: Powder Coatings from Aluminum parts, Aluminum Wheels and all metal substrates.

The second stage is a fresh water immersion rinse, usually followed by a manual or automated pressure water final rinse. The parts are then air or oven dried and reprocessed through paint with original surface quality.


 Original Article From "Paint and Powder"  
(Vol.75, No. 9), Sept.99. 

Dan Davis - Senior Editor

      Miles has been hard at work over the past several years trying to find an environmentally friendly method for stripping paint or powder from Non-Ferrous substrates. After working unsuccessfully with conventional technologies, he recently discovered the perfect stripping material – Soap.
      To be exact, Miles Chemical Solutions (Detroit) is working with a compound that contains surfactant, high temperature synthetic soap. The material is also developed with Triethanolamine, a very hygroscopic, viscous liquid used in manufacturing surfactants and emulsions. Miles says the stripping material is 99% free of VOC's.
      Typical stripping materials for Non-Ferrous objects contain VOC's, such as N-methyl 2-pyrrolidone and Glycol Ethers. Others based on Silicates, tend to stick to Non-Ferrous substrates, making them difficult to repaint.  
      Miles says he worked extensively with solvents and silicates in attempt to find a stripping material that was both environmentally friendly and an effective stripping compound, but was unsuccessful. He even investigated high-temperature polymers, but ran into all-to-familiar problems. “The beauty of this stripping technology is that it doesn’t hurt the surface or shine of the nonferrous substrate,” he adds.
      The stripping material is best used in a vented hot-strip tank with adequate agitation. The material is poured directly into the tank with no water or solvent additive needed.
      “This material is non-hazardous and can be easily disposed of,” Miles says.
      “If operators want to recycle the stripping material, all they have to do is filter the paint-laden material, add about 50% virgin material and feed it back into the tank. That way they are eliminating pounds of waste every year.”
The Patented Technology has shown the ability to remove paint on Aluminum, Brass, Zinc, PC-Plastic parts, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous substrates.
      Miles says that he hopes to expand its use to  Custom Coaters Worldwide. (Written  1999)  


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